How does doris+ give you SuperPowers?

doris+ is a virtual software agent that manages all your personal and private information. It is a cloud based service that know the digital details of your life.

doris+ monitors your personal property and devices, the state of your real world information as well as your digital property. You can also interact with your data and control devices easily. Integration of wearables means your gestures and precise location can be determined.

So if you are walking into the kitchen after sunset doris+ will turn on the lights.

If you are in the family room doris+ will turn on the fireplace when you wave your arm toward it.

You can tell doris+ to pay restaurant bill while seated at the table by tapping your phone three times, and it includes your usual tip. Four taps means it was great service and you want to pay the premium tip :)

You get the idea ... doris+ makes it very easy interact with many of the same things you do every day without having to deal with the specific application interfaces or even their usernames and passwords. Those are SuperPowers in my book.

Why should you put all your trust and information into doris+?

Good Question. How is any different from all the other companies that want your personal information in order to sell it for advertising revenue? is in the business of protecting Personal Information and is a strong Advocate for Personal Digital Rights. We believe your personal information belongs to you, and are building a solution that allows you to access and use that information. We also believe that your information is your most important property, in this new age of digital information we are rapidly heading toward.

Ultimately, as a business is a service that customers will pay for. That means the customer pays for storage and access to data. Just like other services you rely on: telephone, cable, power, gas, water.

Why is doris+ a SecretAgent?

We call doris+ a SecretAgent because it manages your secret personal data like home address, credit card transactions and email. doris+ also knows how to communicate with smart devices you own, like your new Dick Tracey watch or the colour changing mood lights in your bedroom.

doris+ also knows about dumb stuff in your world like your vacuum cleaner and garage door remote control. It can help you find the right replacement bag or type of batteries needed for the remote.

More about that later...

How do you pronounce doris+?

doris+ is pronounced agent doris. The + at the end is an 'agent tag' that lets you know we are referring to the software agent and not your cousin Doris.

Since doris+ as well as other agents that work for doris+ such as location+ and myhouse+ are types of software and not the name of an entity the name is not capitalized. You may name your agent anything you like, and capitalize it if you want, but should always retain the + suffix to indicate it is a software agent.